Albuquerque, NM

Albuquerque, New Mexico
the I-25 and I-40 interchange

acrylics and fabrics
18" x 16.5"

Flower pod

Mystery flower, ready to bloom

Oils, acrylics, inks, cotton prints

10 x 12

Pink Dahlia

Mixed media Dahlia

Oils, acrylics, printed fabric
12 x 10

Flower in gold

In the series; trying out combinations - 

oils, fabric, old lace, muslin strips, gold acrylic paint for the sky
image is 9.25 x 9.75

Crocheted flower petals

Flower with crocheted petals
oils, inks, acrylics, fabric, crochet
10 x 9

In the Flowerbed series ~ more flower petals fashioned from bits of crochet, painted with 
oils and inks.
12 x 9

I like its texture, but even when gessoed within an inch of its life, crochet is too absorbent for oil paint.  The effect seems dull.  Maybe I will eventually give it a glossy varnish.

Flowers in the grass

Flower opening under blue skies
9 x 12
oils, inks, varnishes, cotton print fabrics

Flowers pushing through the grass and weeds,
in the tangled Alabama spring growth.

oils, fabric, muslin strips, varnishes to keep it all in order
11 x 13

Flower power

Flower painted with oils on layers of muslin
12 x 12

Last one for a while; time to go outside and work on my flowerbeds for real.

Some flowers have serious faces

Flower hidden in the grass
painted with oils - #2
10 x 9.5

Flower up close ~ Oil No. 3
10 x 9

doing my mental gardening in oils

Pink Flower

Flowerbed series

oils, inks, fabric and acrylic varnish
9 x 10.5

Big flower bloom

Flowerbed Series ~ big bloom in acrylics

16 x 15

Fantasy Flowers

Flowerbed Series ~ No. 8

21 x 22

Flowerbed Chaos

Flowerbed Series ~ No. 5
24 x 19

Flowerbed Series ~ No. 7
22 x 21


Gardening in the hot Alabama sunshine
acrylics, fabrics, muslin layers
23 x 22

Sun no. 9


Solar System

not to scale!
but Pluto is restored, so all is well

19" x 18" ~ mixed media

Solar system

Sun number 8

with eight fabric planets

Sun no. 7

Radiation ~ Seventh Sun

acrylics and strips of muslin ~ 17 x 16

Oakland: SigAlert on the MacArthur Maze

I had the privilege of contributing artwork for a good cause in California.  Big Rick Stuart and Sal Castaneda, Bay Area media guys, put together a charity project to benefit Children's Hospital in Oakland. They partnered with Judd's Hill Winery in Napa. Rick found my MacArthur Maze paintings and saw the possibilities for their SigAlert wine labels. In California, "SigAlert" means "Trouble on the Freeway!" 

The Benioff Children's Hospital is located near the MacArthur Maze, a massive freeway interchange that blooms off the eastern end of the San Francisco - Oakland Bay Bridge.  It is said to be the largest freeway interchange in the world. (The map I used for the paintings shows only a portion of the whole.)

Liking the curves and intertwined roadways, I made several paintings of the same spot.  That was lucky because in the end Rick wanted four versions, to make up a collectors' pack. It so happens that one of them is hanging in a show in Selma this month: 

And I found a MM painting I had forgotten all about:

Some history of California-style freeway troubles:  In 1989, the Loma Prieta earthquake caused a double-decked section of the Maze to collapse. The three miles of replacement freeway cost $1.2 billion.  In 2007, a speeding tanker truck carrying gasoline hit a guardrail and overturned on a Maze connector. The driver walked away with minor injuries. The intense heat from the subsequent fuel spill and fire weakened the steel structure of the roadway above, collapsing it onto the lower connector, which sank nine inches. A state projection concluded that the connector collapse cost $90 million. The trucking company lost its license to transport gasoline.

All Our Energy Comes From the Sun

Sun # 6 in a series ~ Free energy from the sun.
I worked on this painting before I became aware that poor old Pluto had been (perhaps) re-instated as a planet.

acrylics, inks, cotton fabric, layers of canvas
18" x 19"

Cerro Tololo observatory

Framed another of the CTIO observatory paintings.