About the paintings

Using acrylic and oil paints, inks, and brightly colored fabric, I assemble pieces of canvas and cloth to transform interesting linear forms into colorful images. My current series of paintings reflect the lush plant life here in Alabama. I have also painted series exploring houses, house-hold appliances, and satellite-view maps of junctions on interstate highways.

I look for contrasts.  I like the juxtaposition of candy-colored paint and industrial or utilitarian objects, and I like topics that contain inherent contrasts.  For example: freeway interchanges can be rough, risky, frustrating; yet we instinctively know how beautiful they are - graceful loops, full of branching possibilities. Military jets also have that dichotomy of harsh purpose and beautiful design.

While earlier series were a search for contrasts by using soft materials and hard-edged subject matter, I find that hard to do in the flowerbed paintings - the subject matter is not hard-edged (as are washer-dryer combos, roadways, and houses). Flowers are soft and flexible.  I have thought many times that I should stop and go back to more utilitarian subject matter.  But for now I am searching for a contrast I can't put into words.