Military Jets and The Space Shuttle

F-16 Fighting Falcon #1
19" x 15"

When I lived in Orange County, CA, my drive to work along the 5, and through the monster El Toro Y intersection with the 405, was rewarded with daily sightings of the military jets landing close by at El Toro Marine Corps Air Base.  They were right overhead, very beautiful and powerful.  I could hardly keep my eyes on the road.

F-15 Eagle  #1

21.5" x 18"

F-16 from fabric
19" x 15"

For 30 years, the space shuttle has amazed and delighted all of us with its incredible technical achievements and its aesthetically stunning design.  It’s hard to believe that it’s all over.

The Space Shuttle #6

11.5" x 14.5"

Space Shuttle #5
20" x 25.5"

When we moved from CA to Huntsville, at first we stayed for a couple of months in a hotel room directly overlooking the HSV Rocket and Space Center's installation of a space shuttle.  It was a beautiful sight.